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Welcome to our new website dedicated to sharing information to ONA15 nurses and health-care professionals.

We represent more than 700 members from 18 different bargaining units, including nursing homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals, health units, HCCSSs, a residential centre and student health centre.

If you have a labour relations issue, have recently started a new job but have not signed up through your union representative, or have questions/concerns about your contract or working conditions, please contact your Bargaining Unit President.


Local Coordinator Angela Clancy local015@ona.org
Vice Coordinator Mark Byers nwhcbup@ona.org
Secretary Sabrina Martin local015sec@ona.org
Treasurer Rosalinda Huber local015tr@ona.org


Age Care West Williams Emilia Dragan cwbup@ona.org
Cambridge Country Manor Vacant local015@ona.org
Caressant Care – Arthur Vacant local015@ona.org
Caressant Care – Fergus Edixa Jose ccfbup@ona.org
Extendicare Columbia Forest Long Term Care Jane Blake axrbup@ona.org
Extendicare Forest Heights Long Term Care (Tanya) Tatijana Skafar fhltcbup@ona.org
Extendicare Stirling Heights Long Term Care Barbara Goettling shltcbup@ona.org
Groves Memorial Community Hospital Carrie Grenville gmchbup@ona.org
Hilltop Manor LTC Sharon Turner hmcbup@ona.org
Lanark Heights LTC May Oliverio lhltcbup@ona.org
North Wellington Health Care, Palmerston Hospital – BUP Mark Byers NWHCBUP@ona.org
North Wellington Health Care, Louise Marshall Hospital – Site Rep Kaitlin Frankland local15nwhcs@ona.org
Parkwood Mennonite Home Sandra Gerber pmhbup@ona.org
Region of Waterloo Public Health – BUP Diana Fox rowphbup@ona.org
Region of Waterloo – Sunnyside Home Krista Amato shltcwbup@ona.org
Sunbeam Community and Developmental Services Maddy Lank scbup@ona.org
University of Guelph Student Health Service Vacant local015@ona.org
Waterloo-Wellington HCCSS – BUP James Prange wwhccssbup@ona.org
Waterloo-Wellington HCCSS – Site Rep Shannon Sararas local15wwhccss@ona.org
Wellington Dufferin Guelph Health Unit Manon Racine wdgphbup@ona.org

All regulated healthcare professionals (RHPA, 1991) have Standards of Practice that require them to report their concerns when they are unable to meet their accountabilities set out by their regulatory body. ONA has developed the Professional Responsibility and Workload (PRW) process to resolve professional practice and workload issues. Completing the Professional Responsibility Workload Report Form (PRWRF) fulfills the member’s obligations to their College.

Find forms specific to your sector,  on the ONA Professional Practice website.

If you need assistance with the Workload Report Forms or have any questions regarding professional practice, please contact your Bargaining Unit President.

Welcome new ONA members!

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ONA Local 015 encourages the education of our members and their dependents.

To provide some financial support for members and their dependents taking health or post-secondary education at accredited educational institutions.

Source of Funding
Bursary funding comes from the Local dues levy, is subject to annual review at the Budget Prep Executive Meeting and requires membership approval at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The amount and criteria for eligibility may vary from year to year.


Funding of four (4) bursaries (a first-year undergrad dependent of a Local member; an undergrad dependent of a Local member; and two members), totaling $6,000 has been approved. The four (4) bursaries are $1,500 each. If no member applies, the Bursary Committee can recommend the 3rd or 4th bursary be awarded to another applicant who is a dependent of a member.

Applications are accepted between June 1 and August 15, 2023. The Local Executive will award the bursaries at the September Executive Meeting. Recipients will be notified by September 30, 2023, with payment of $1500 by November 15, 2023 after proof of registration and a TD1 form is submitted.

Criteria for Eligibility

Applicants must be:

  • Bona fide members or dependents of a bona fide member of ONA Local 015.
  • Registered in a post-secondary college or university program at an accredited educational institution. Dependants must be registered in full-time studies. Members must be registered in part-time or full-time studies and be a resident of Ontario.
  • Willing to provide feedback on their studies to the Local Annual General Meeting (AGM) in February of the following year, by email, letter or in person.
  • Answer one of the following questions with a 250-word paragraph:
    1. Who do you think will be most impacted by the potential privatization of the healthcare system, the patients or the healthcare providers?
    2. Are you for or against the privatization of healthcare and why?

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the Application Form and disclose any other expected financial assistance.
  2. Provide photocopy of current ONA membership card. For dependents, provide a copy of parent’s ONA membership card.
  3. Submit by scanning and emailing using the read receipt function to rowph-cobup@ona.org.


  1. Send the application package by REGISTERED MAIL to:

Angela Clancy
438 Sauve Cres.,
Waterloo ON
N2T 2Y8

Only successful applicants will be contacted by September 30, 2023. At that time, they will be requested to submit proof of registration and completed TD1 form by October 15, 2023.